Cerise Paris

「"食すること"とは、人生を味わうこと」。 私たちが、大切にしている言葉です。 おいしい食べ物は心を豊かにします。 また、食する感動の原点には"美しさ"があります。
— Ayako Ubukata

CERISE PARIS は、フランス各地のおいしいものが集まるサイトです 私たちは、食べることの中心にある「美」を大切にしています。 毎日の暮らしに、豊かで楽しい味をお届けします。
「"食すること"とは、人生を味わうこと」。 私たちが、大切にしている言葉です。 おいしい食べ物は心を豊かにします。 また、食する感動の原点には"美しさ"があります。 — Ayako Ubukata

Poilane, ParisThis long-established bakery was founded in 1932 by Frenchman Pierre Poilane in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Today, Poilane, which has been handed down to the third generation, continues to produce many of the creations created by its founder, Pierre Poilane, using the same production methods. It is said to be the best bakery in France, and in fact many cafés in Paris serve Poilane bread. You never know, that bread you ate in a restaurant during your trip to Paris might actually have been Poilane bread!

It is such a long-established boulangerie (bakery in French) that has captivated customers from all over the world.Popular products Sablépunitions」。Even if you don't know them by name, you have probably seen these sablefish before.
 Excellent, pesticide-free flour, with the same old methods of production.、Only butter, eggs and sugar are used.The simplicity of the sablé makes the quality of the ingredients stand out, and you can't stop eating one of these sablé and devour it in no time at all.

The flour and yeast used by Poirane are original to Poilane.The flour, researched and developed by founder Pierre Poilane, is formulated to become softer and fluffier when mixed with other ingredients. The yeast is handmade and carefully prepared using only natural ingredients.

sablé the name「punitions  in frenchでお仕置き」is the Poilane family's grandmother's "Punishment, sir!"
The sablet with such a cute story is very popular among local Parisians, and you will understand why so many French celebrities visit the shop.

Poilane Cookie-biscuit