Japanese in Paris、Recommended by Cerise paris, a 14-year resident.


I love Paris, it's a place full of wonderful history and lots of magic!。

Here are some of the most famous and special Parisian places that you really want to keep secret.。

No.1「Avenue des Champs Elysées, 'the most beautiful boulevard in the world'.]。

Even if your trip is short, this is a must-visit place. You can't say you've been to France without walking down the Champs-Élysées!

In 1616, at the request of the king, Marie de Medici, mother of Louis XIII, Le Notre (there is a bakery of the same name in Japan!) was designed by the Founded in 1960, the 3 km long and 70 m wide boulevard still retains its magnificent buildings and is lined with shops selling top French brands.

It was also the first tourist destination I visited when I first came to Paris 14 years ago..


No.2 Eiffel Tower

Everyone knows this famous tourist attraction, a 324 m high structure completed by Gustave Eiffel in 1889. Today it is considered one of the symbols of Paris, but did you know that at one point it was considered for demolition due to a decline in tourism? Incredible, isn't it!

There are many metro, RER and bus stations nearby, but it is advisable to get off at Trocadéro metro station (line 6 or 9), enjoy the view from the Palais Chaillot and walk through the Trocadéro gardens to the Eiffel Tower.

No. 3 Louvre Museum


This iconic glass monument in Paris is located in the Napoleon courtyard of the former royal palace, which now houses the famous Louvre Museum. This triangular ice structure blends in with the stone buildings and makes for some ingenious photo opportunities. However, the Louvre's pyramid is at its most beautiful in profile at dusk or after rain, when it is surrounded by puddles of water!


No. 4 Parc de seau


The Japanese cherry blossoms in the Parc de Sceaux are a real attraction in the Ile-de-France, attracting Japanese communities from all over.

Families and friends gather for photos or take over the park in Sceaux for a picnic under the Japanese cherry blossom trees.



2つ目のサイトは、小さな奇跡としか言いようがありません。Chatenay Malabry側の大運河沿いにあります。そこでは、小さな広場に入ると、信じられないほどの美しさで寒気がします。イル・ド・フランスにこのような空間があるとは思えないような自然な空間を歩いている。一足飛びに、日本へと運ばれていく。感動的で非常に美しく、Sceauxの公園でしか見ることができません(イル・ド・フランスで最も美しい場所であり、日本の桜が好きな人にとっては旅する価値があります)。目の下にはピンクの花を咲かせた日本の桜が何十本もあり、桜の木の下でピクニックをする日本人の家族も多い。Sceauxでは、日本人がこれらの花の咲く木に絶対的な愛着を持っていることを理解できるでしょう(球技をするには第1の場所が良いですが、子供と一緒に第2の場所を散歩してみてください)。