Cerise Paris

「"食すること"とは、人生を味わうこと」。 私たちが、大切にしている言葉です。 おいしい食べ物は心を豊かにします。 また、食する感動の原点には"美しさ"があります。
— Ayako Ubukata

CERISE PARIS は、フランス各地のおいしいものが集まるサイトです 私たちは、食べることの中心にある「美」を大切にしています。 毎日の暮らしに、豊かで楽しい味をお届けします。
「"食すること"とは、人生を味わうこと」。 私たちが、大切にしている言葉です。 おいしい食べ物は心を豊かにします。 また、食する感動の原点には"美しさ"があります。 — Ayako Ubukata

Cerise Paris

Cerise in French“Cerise” (cherries)Meaning

It was inherited from the restaurant name "cherry" that my grandmother Iku Grandma ran in Tokyo.

 What is heartfelt strikes and moves people's hearts No matter how much the world develops, it is only from human actions that impresses human hearts.

Threes Paris introduces "real French taste" 

 What is the real thing that Threes Paris thinks? "Is there love there?" What is truly heartfelt will be beautiful and will be told and inherited forever.

Each patisserie Paris, which Threes Paris has a partnership with as an officially authorized mail-order shop, is full of genuine wonderful taste and a lot of love.

 "Special made in France" promises a high-quality experience just for you




Born in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo for the 14th year living in Paris, France. Started playing the piano at the age of 2, entered a private music junior high school, and graduated from the same music university. 14th year living in Paris Paris G department store customer charge

Life in Paris, full of history and culture, is wonderful because there is so much to learn every day no matter how many years you live.
In the evening, the time when the Eiffel Tower starts to light up ... Take a walk in the park next door, chat with your friends for hours while drinking champagne, and sweets such as croissants, bread au chocolat, and gateau. Paris is so full of charm that you can enjoy and shop at any time.

When I first came to Paris, I couldn't speak French at all and it was very difficult to enroll in a language school. As I worked hard every day, my boss gradually got in touch with me because my friend was going to Paris to guide me ... my family was going. Every time I meet people who are traveling from Japan to France, I really feel the splendor of Japan, the Japanese country. I didn't have that feeling when I lived in Japan, and I think I was able to notice it because I lived in a foreign country. And more often, I wanted to help people from Japan, feel the charm of Paris and return home, and I started working at a famous department store in Paris. Thanks to my wonderful colleagues and customers, I had a lot of fun. Here, I do a wide range of work such as customer charge, translation, shopping attendance, work with French colleagues every day, and work with customers from all over the world in three languages, sometimes even in Katakoto, in five or six languages, in French. I was able to raise the level quickly.

After that, we launched Threes Paris with the desire to let more people know the charm of France and to feel closer to France, the country of gastronomy.

The characteristic of our company is that we contract and deal directly with each major French company as an official mail order shop. We listen directly to each company's thoughts on the products, and pack the feelings as they are, along with the products, and the scent of France and Paris in a box ... Only Three Paris can do that. ..

With the motto of security, kindness, and safety that can only be provided by an officially authorized mail-order shop, you can enjoy the feeling of France at home.

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I also write about my desperate days in France on my blog!

In my private life, I am struggling to raise my 3-year-old daughter too much fun.


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